‘Hair’ model coat in exclusive blue cashmere fleece with grey macro foliage pattern. Thanks to continuous research into advanced textiles, KNT (Kiton New Textures) brings Kiton tailoring to modern garments to embody relaxed, effortless style. Crafted on circular looms that are usually used to knit high-quality hosiery, the manufacturing method used for this fabric is highly innovative. The weaving process ensures the creation of light, supple fabrics that have natural give, ideal for gentlemen on the go. This garment arose from stylistic hybridisation in which formal pieces transcend their usual identity, renewed with sporty allure to meet today’s need for dynamism, relaxation, sophistication and comfort. This mid-length coat features clean lines, the placket is covered and pockets are set into the lateral seams (making them almost invisible), further reinforcing its understated look. KNT construction stays true to Kiton working methods: all garments are cut and sewn exclusively by the expert hands of the master artisans in our Neapolitan atelier. An interpreter of contemporary cultures and styles, this coat unites everyday comfort and sophisticated aesthetics, embodying a dynamic, modern, urban attitude. To maintain the beauty of your KNT garment, we recommend professional laundering and pressing.

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Details and care:
  • Dry clean
Size and fit:
  • Regular fit

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