Elegance evolves in aesthetics: garments that are simple, clean and impeccable. Discover new leisure-centric looks, enriched by the quality of sartorial construction.

At Kiton, we are guardians of sartorial traditions whose gaze is firmly focused on the future. For over 50 years, we have interpreted the styles and details of men’s tailored clothing, promoting the values of elegance, uncompromising quality, and comfort. The collection is composed of casual and formal menswear, enriched by prized fabric and innovative materials which are developed by the experts at our textile mill in Biella, Italy. The men’s suit, as an icon of elegance and sobriety, is reinterpreted in a contemporary key. This deconstructed garment is designed to be worn by the Kiton man on different occasions, styled with a pullover or a denim shirt, broken up by jeans and a pair of sneakers.

100% Made in Italy clothing for men

As it redefines elegance, Kiton reworks classic menswear, blurring the lines between formal and casual: 100% Made in Italy tailoring and excellence is expressed though understatement, with ‘essential’ becoming the catchword. All that is superfluous disappears, resulting in garments that are practically weightless, but always impeccable. The jackets, unwaveringly in luxurious fabric, are prefect in their construction, but even softer for effortless sophistication. The dress code of the contemporary man is renewed in the search for the perfect balance between a business casual outfit and a sporty chic outfit: leisurewear made of sumptuous knits and sportswear with a sartorial soul now play a central role in the
stylistic selection.

Fine sartorial accessories for men

The same craftsmanship that distinguishes all Kiton products is also found in its collection of sartorial accessories: in our atelier in Arzano, footwear and sneakers, bags and small leather goods are hand-made exclusively by expert craftsmen, resulting in small yet
authentic masterpieces in the world’s most exquisite materials.


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“I love beauty, I am faithful to tradition and I take huge pride in my wrk” - Ciro Paone