Weaver of dreams

Each collection is a tale of quality. The starting point, the fundamental requirement, is the quality of the fabrics. This concern has always been at the heart of Kiton’s philosophy through constant research aimed at telling the history of the company, updated for the present day through the most elegant exclusive weaves and patterns from the historical archives in Naples. We carefully choose yarns and fabrics, identify the most suitable manufacturing processes to preserve their characteristics and experiment with new combinations. Because wearing a Kiton suit must be an unforgettable experience.

Fabric obsession

Since the company was founded, the use of natural fibres has never been about ostentation: they are the only fibres that can produce suits of the highest quality, with handmade tailoring to ensure delicacy and elegance. New textures and mixtures of fibres are experimented with in our woollen mill at Biella in order to create tougher, long-lasting garments which reflect the company’s unceasing commitment to innovation and sustainability.


Vicuña is the most precious and sought-after yarn in the world due to its rareness, lightness and ductility, its softness and ability to provide warmth. Here, excellence blends with myth and the glorious, tormented history of populations and civilisations that no longer exist, that have been both appreciated and had an iconic status since time immemorial within Andean culture. This is a type of wool that has become a symbol of fine, handmade craftsmanship and lightness, the basis of a story associated with the utmost quality of great tailoring. In 2012 our “Pure Vicuña Yarn Project” culminated in the development of our own system that allows us to create unique qualities of Vicuña. Kiton innovation led to the invention of colourful and patterned Vicuña, Summer Vicuña, Denim Vicuña and Jacquard Vicuña.


Soft, glossy, noble: Kiton cashmere is a fabric with unique qualities. It is an excellent insulator, soft and light; Kiton cashmere version 4, with four combed yarns, is ideal for the classic jacket that can be worn on any occasion: an elegant, sophisticated timeless garment which can become the main part of informal, everyday outfits. This fine, feather-light fabric can be worn in all seasons due to the insulating properties of the fibre that enables the body to breathe, maintaining a constant temperature.


The thinnest wool in the world is a Kiton exclusive.
The finest fabric ever created is made in the Carlo Barbera woollen mill: it has a diameter of only 12.8 microns. It is a masterpiece of lightness and sensitivity, with an ultrafine micron rating which can only be compared to the precious vicuña fabric, ideal for creating deconstructed jackets that are soft and smooth to the touch. This incredible fibre is used to make bespoke suits designed for connoisseurs who are always in search of high quality, comfort and sartorial perfection.


Solaro is a pure fabric of military origin that has become a symbol of masculine elegance: for the very first time, Kiton has made an ultrafine 13.2 micron wool. The distinctive feature of Solaro fabric is the fact that it has a double face: on the outside, it is slightly darker. It is ideal for making half-lined or unlined suits. It is an example of luxury tailoring which requires the time associated with a handcrafted product. It is extremely loose-fitting and soft, features which make the fabric a perfect choice for deconstructed suits and ideal for all seasons.

“You get what you pay fr” - Ciro Paone