The ‘Baia’ scented candle is a bold olfactory challenge that celebrates the pivotal role of the earth and its roots through a sillage with a decisive character. Evanescent and ethereal, ‘Baia’ sees incense blend with an invigorating cloud of spiceso create a mysterious and intriguing accord. The body and warmth of cedarwood harmonise with the distinctiveness of ambergris, perfectly balancing the vibrancy of pepper, cloves and cinnamon. Poured into a glass container with a wooden lid, the candle can burn for up to 60 hours, gently intoxicating the room with its enveloping scent. Weight: 220 grams - Height: 9.8 cm - Diameter: 8.7 cm.

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Color: BAIA
Details and care:
  • Dry clean
Size and fit:
  • Regular fit

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