The ‘Chiaia’ scented candle expresses the intrepid alchemy between past and future in olfactory form, with a complex and intoxicating balance of citrus scents with a spicy and floral heart. An energising wave of orange, grapefruit, lemon and bergamot bursts forth in a fresh, impalpable accord. In the heart, accords of lavender, pepper, violet, cardamom and basil explode to create a perfect fusion of elegance and sensuality. The warmth and depth of woods combined with the vibrant lightheartedness of citrus fruits make ‘Chiaia’ an ode to elegance, to quiet, discreet class, the unmistakable signature style of the Kiton universe. Poured into a glass container with a wooden lid, the candle can burn for up to 60 hours, gently intoxicating the room with its enveloping scent. Weight: 220 grams - Height: 9.8 cm - Diameter: 8.7 cm.

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Details and care:
  • Dry clean
Size and fit:
  • Regular fit

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