Vesuvio is a tribute by Kiton to the majestic volcano that towers over the Gulf of Naples, the landmark that encapsulates the beauty of the city. It stands as a force of nature, an emblem of power and wild unpredictability. But it is also a silent guardian of the generations that have lived in its shadow, an all-encompassing symbol of Naples and its history. Vesuvio, a fragrance with decisive character dedicated to all those who proudly preserve, protect and reclaim the primordial connection with their homeland, traditions and culture. Evanescent and ethereal, Vesuvio blends incense with an invigorating mist of spices, creating a mysterious and captivating accord. The body and warmth of cedarwood harmonize with the singularity of ambergris, balanced perfectly with the vivacity of pepper, clove, and cinnamon. With its intense notes, Vesuvio Eau de Parfum celebrates the centrality of its roots in the growth and development of humankind. Volume: 100 ml.

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